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Even until recently, I was afraid to tell anyone, for fear of the reaction that I would get, or the way they would view me. I felt that if I told my story, I would be wearing the scarlet ‘A’ forever. I felt that I would be one of the vicious women that senators and representatives talk about who ‘abort their babies to fit into a prom dress’. That kind of rhetoric hurts me because that wasn’t what happened….

Even though some people may see me differently after knowing I had an abortion, I’ve chosen to share my story to let others in the community know that abortion shouldn’t be a taboo subject. We can comfort one another and change the conversation. We can shape what people hear about our lives and our stories.

Renee, writing about her abortion for the “pro-voice” organization Exhale.

I love my smart and powerful cousin. (Beautiful, too.)

Thank you, Nora.

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